Clustering and modeling data. A quantile regression approach

19 March 2019
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ECDA 2019 - European Conference on Data Analysis
Bayreuth, Germany, 18-20 March

This paper aims to propose an innovative approach to identify a typology in a quantile regression model. Quantile regression is a regression technique that allows to focus on the effects that a set of explanatory variables has on the entire conditional distribution of a dependent variable. The proposal concerns the use of multivariate techniques to simultaneously cluster and model data and it is illustrated using an empirical analysis. This analysis regards the impact of student features on the university outcome, measured by the degree mark. The analysis is based on the idea that the dependence structure could be different for units belonging to different groups.

« Exploring synergy between CUB models and quantile regression: a comparative analysis through continuousized data | Archetypes, Prototypes and Other Types: The Current State and Prospects for Future Research »