Modelling students’ performance in MOOCs: a multivariate approach

Maria Carannante, Cristina Davino, Domenico Vistocco
(2020) Studies in Higher Education, 46:11, 2371-2386


Massive Open Online Courses, universally labelled as MOOCs, become more and more relevant in the era of digitalization of higher education. The availability of free education resources without access restrictions for a plenty of potential users has changed the learning market in a way unthinkable only few decades ago. This form of web-based education allows to track all the actions of the students, thus providing an information base to understand how students' behaviour can influence their performance. The paper proposes a structural equation model in the framework of the component-based approach to measure which are the main factors affecting students' performance (Partial Least Squares Path Modelling). The novelty of the approach is the simultaneous analysis of more than one factor that exerts an impact on the performance. The analysis is carried out on the log data of a course available on the edX MOOCs platform named FedericaX.