Exploring synergy between CUB models and quantile regression - a comparative analysis through continuousized data

Cristina Davino, Rosaria Simone, Domenico Vistocco
(2018) ASMOD 2018 : Proceedings of the Advanced Statistical Modelling for Ordinal Data Conference, (eds. Capecchi S, Di Iorio F, Simone R), pp 101-110. fedOAPress

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The paper investigates a parallel between CUB models and quantile regressionthrough an illustrative case study on rating data. While CUB models have been proposedfor modeling ordinal variables, quantile regression is mostly convenient for quantitative re-sponses. The goal is to advance a comprehensive approach in which discrete ordinal out-comes on one hand and their continuousized version on the other coexist so to take advantageof two modern modeling frameworks.