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DV blog

I decided to collect material related to my experience on R, statistics, coding and other things of my interest on the DV blog. Since I learned (and continue to learn) a lot from the web, I hope that this material will be useful and of interest to those who have interests in common with me.

Since it is not a book, the published material does not follow any order but is meant to be browsed/searched by date or by topic, rather than according to a particular sequence.

This blog is not a newspaper as it is updated without any periodicity. Therefore, it cannot be considered an editorial product under Law n° 62 del 7.03.2001.

The blog author is not responsible for the content of the comments to posts, nor for the content of linked sites.

Some texts or images included in this blog are taken from the internet and therefore they considered public domain; if their publication smash any copyright, please notify me by email. They will be immediately removed if your report is correct.

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