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Domenico Vistocco DV is Associate Professor of Statistics at the Department of Political Science at University of Naples Federico II. From 2022 he is coordinator for the Bachelor Degree in Statistics for Business and Society, and for the Master Degree Course in Statistical Science for Decisions. From 2019 he is managing editor of Statistica Applicata - Italian Journal of Applied Statistics, dal 2020 è associate editor della rivista Computational Statistics. Domenico is the author of over 100 research papers, 2 books in statistical science, 1 book containing a research report on the province of Frosinone (Italy). He was guest editor for Volume 14, Issue 4, 2021, of the “Statistical Analysis and Data Mining” journal, Wiley. He is co-editor of the book “Statistical Learning and Modeling in Data Analysis”, 2021, published in the Springer Series “Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization”. He is an elected member of the International Statistics Institute, and member of the International Association for Statistical Computing, of the Italian Statistics Society and of the Applied Statistics Association. His research interests include data analysis, computational statistics, statistical models and their applications in social science, economics and finance. Domenico carries out advocacy on gambling, probabilistic mechanisms of gambling, main cognitive biases and false beliefs related to legal gambling. He provides training on statistical software, new technologies for teaching and coding in training courses for teachers.

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Office: Department of Political Science, University of Naples Federico II, Via Leopoldo Rodinò 22, Floor I-2, Scala C 80138, Naples (Italy).


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Other interests

  • Webmaster/designer for several open source projects and conferences (IASC, ESS – Emacs Speaks Statistics, SA-IJAS, Cladag 2019, Cladag 2021, LabStat, HeritageBot, JCS–Cladag 2012, Knemo 2006)
  • I was invited as speaker in schools and associations for talks on gambling, spread of the phenomenon, probabilistic mechanisms of gambling, main cognitive biases and false beliefs related to legal gambling
  • I cooperate with the Exodus'94 Foundation, for which I occasionally give talks on issues related to gambling in conferences and awareness days
  • I collaborated in the creation of the board game “Life play it well”, developed as part of the Scuola Viva project “AttivaMente reach your goal” funded by the Campania region. The product was recognized among the seven best awareness campaigns against gambling by the national Caritas and by the CEI
  • I cooperate with the association Musica Libera Tutti, for which I designed and maintain the website